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Who is Body Love?

Join me on a journey through the evolution of our company and get to know the team that consistently enhances energy levels and optimizes gut health for our clients year after year.

At Body Love, we transcend being merely a "business" – we are a collective of remarkable and devoted women united by a shared vision for a superior wellness system.

Let’s Dive In!

Who sees clients?

Meet our client-focused team consisting of three dedicated professionals! Coach Lily, FMACC, specializes in Functional Coaching, catering to the diverse needs of each client.

Based on individual symptoms and progress, clients are then carefully assigned to a suitable Functional Nutrition Consultant. Presently, our two esteemed Consultants are Dr. Dufala, D.C., IFMCP, and Shelise Irby, R.D.

Who owns the company?

Meet Coach Lily, FMACC, the proud current owner of Body Love. Originally founded in 2016 by Dr. Brandy Zachary, D.C., IFMCP, the company witnessed a shift in focus in 2022 when Dr. Zachary dedicated her efforts to educating practitioners through her venture, The Functional Medicine Academy. Seizing the opportunity, Coach Lily, former Chief of Staff, assumed ownership of Body Love, embracing the chance to engage in impactful 1:1 work with clients and actively shape successful outcomes. With our dedicated owner leading daily operations, your needs are always our top priority.

Who runs the business backend?

Coach Lily, FMACC, is the architect behind our company's systems, overseeing construction, management, and continuous improvement. When we say she handles marketing, fulfillment, PR, management, and more, we truly mean it!

However, during Coach Lily's client-focused periods, our COO, Lilianna Ruger, adeptly manages daily operations. As a full-time Ph.D. student, Lilianna consistently raises the bar in the realms of exceptional company building and management. While she might usually be the unseen face of Body Love, her role is pivotal in the seamless implementation of our systems.

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