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 Our award-winning team works to bring you the best in Functional Medicine, Nutrition & Holistic Healthcare 

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"Love your body. heal your mind. feed your soul."

Body Love Cafe Functional Medicine Thyroid Health

What Is Functional Medicine?

It's an approach to health that looks at the WHOLE patient vs just symptoms. Top to bottom holistic care, from inside to out, including body, mind & soul.

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What Body Love Cafe Offers

A variety of practitioners serving patients in Functional Health, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Therapeutic Massage, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Emotional Healing, & more... 

Body Love Cafe Free Classes Adrenal Fatigue

Amazing Classes for Everyone

We provide informative & entertaining education on Thyroid Health, Adrenal Health, Heart Health, ADHD, Brain Health, Digestion, Gut Health, Mental Health & more...

"serving hands-on healing"

"...I am now a year into my healing journey and have lost about 30lbs due to my body properly digesting food. I can eat meals without's a miracle!

The journey requires diligence and patience, but the outcome is astounding. I cannot say enough about how positive my experience has been and what magic has been brought into my life."

— Katie V.

"Amazing!! And life-changing! Everyone there is great and super helpful. I have been battling infections for a while and decided I didn't want to keep taking antibiotics for it. Dr. Zachary has put me through a course of supplements and diet changes and lifestyle changes and my labs are improving each time!

She also offers free classes which are very helpful..."

—Lorra A.

"Patient-Centered, Whole Body Health"

"we listen to our patients, their story matters"

The Path Back to Health is a JOURNEY
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Dr. Garvey is very kind and patient. I feel like she really hears me and works with what is best for me. She's very relatable and sweet. I started out with Dr. Zachary and found her very knowledgeable about Hashimoto's and gut issues. She helped me clear away many issues that a previous practitioner could not help me understand. Not only do both Drs work to design a protocol for you specifically, they are also mindful of the financial cost to you which was definitely not the case with the previous practitioner. Also, the staff {Katie} responds very quickly any time I email with questions and makes sure I am taken care of. I am very grateful to all the staff at Body Love Cafe and recommend them highly.

Angel B.


BLC bodywork by David = Fabulous! I asked for a relaxing massage this time vs shoulder therapy like I normally do. David was so intuitive and spoke in a calming voice, having me tune into my body, one area at a time - toes, soles of feet, heels, ankles, calves, etc. and how they were grounded to the table. It was exactly what I needed and so appreciated. 

K. McCallister

Kelly H.


Body Love Cafe has always been amazing for our family, going above and beyond to meet our unique health needs. I’m happy their business has been expanding but I was worried when we were told Dr. Z wouldn’t being seeing patients directly any more. Well, no more worries here! Shelise is the new person we’re seeing and we couldn’t be happier. She has been so thorough and helpful with me! And then yesterday she went above and beyond for my daughter. My tween daughter never feels instantly comfortable with anyone or any situation and today Shelise was so patient and spent so much time to connect with her. I had told Shelise some things about my sensitive daughter in advance, and she took it all to heart. My daughter left the appointment raving about Shelise and actually excited about her protocol, and my heart is so full and grateful. Body Love Cafe has always had the best people, and clearly they keep hiring more amazing people. Thank you Shelise, thank you team BLC, and thanks Dr. Zachary for leading the way!!

K. Raher


Thank you Kelly! You are so friendly and kind... I enjoyed our conversation. And Few!, Finally a health professional that cares to put the pieces together ! I couldn't be happier that I chose Body Love Cafe! 

Shannon L.


Energy session with Katie for my daughter. Katie was very nurturing and intuitive. My daughter was very at ease with her. We're looking forward to another session. Thank you for offering this service!



David isn’t your average massage therapist; I trust his guidance and truly see him as integral part of my medical treatment team.


"the functional medicine difference"






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To learn more about the Functional Medicine process and what to expect as a New Patient, click HERE.

"we are excited to meet you!"

Welcome to

body love cafe

We're here to help!

However you found us, we are happy you are here!

In our office we refer to patients as "Health Rebels" because in today's celebration of the "go-go" stress lifestyle, making health a priority is an act of rebellion!

We have a lot of information available to you on this website. Jump to the Functional Medicine page to learn more about what that means and the New Patient Process.


Jump to the Team page to learn more about our dedicated practitioners or jump to the Videos page to watch some fun and informative presentations on a variety of health topics. Or, jump to the Classes page to attend one of our upcoming classes live and in-person.

Or, jump to one of our favorite pages, the Menu, where you can learn more about the variety of services we offer at Body Love Cafe so you may choose what will serve you best.

Congratulations for thinking outside the box and taking action to reclaim your health. There is no doubt that Functional Medicine is the preferred health journey for patients and the medicine of the future. Welcome Aboard!

"one condition, many causes"

"health is the best wealth. invest wisely."

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