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Dr. Brandy Zachary, DC, IFMCP

Dr. Zachary is the Founder of Body Love Cafe and lead doc for Functional Medicine & Nutrition. She has trained extensively with the Institute of Functional Medicine and specializes in getting to the root cause of an issue for her patients.


She serves patients of all ages and often has patients that travel to Body Love Cafe for her expertise in Gut Health (SIBO, Candida, IBS, IBD), Thyroid, Adrenal & Heart Health. Dr. Zachary loves to combine the best of Western & Eastern techniques ranging from advanced blood labs or hormone testing to a thorough nutrition exam to the use of applied kinesiology and energy testing. She wants to look at her patient's health from all angles, find patterns and uncover the source of the problem based on the physiological function of the body. Currently all of her visits are VIRTUAL (via phone or HIPAA-protected video) and she analyzes based on a through intake, history, and laboratory findings.

Dr. Brandy Mychals Zachary Body Love Cafe FMA

She often co-manages with other physicians as needed for the benefit of the patient and receives referrals from MDs & DOs. Although always striving for a holistic solution, Dr. Zachary's philosophy is that "whatever works for the patient and does no harm" is the best answer. Sometimes that means a complex case might have a team of practitioners serving the patient on their road to health.


Ultimately, Dr. Zachary is a "health detective", spending hours reviewing the case and talking with the patient or client piecing together their history, intake and lab findings. She is dedicated to sharing cutting-edge research and nutrition with her patients/clients and has taught free classes to the public for years.


Dr. Zachary teaches other physicians and healthcare practitioners how to practice, analyze labs, and run a natural medicine clinic. She's the lead instructor at the Functional Medicine Academy™, which provides a certification program for those interested in the holistic health field. Learn more about Dr. Zachary's personal journey and her incredible road to healing HERE.

"our beliefs direct our lives"

Dr. Christine Garvey, DC 

Dr. Christine Garvey, DC fell in love with nutrition after personally overcoming gut infections and witnessing first hand the healing power of Functional Medicine! Her expertise over the last decade+ has been in the realm of allergies, immune health and hormone disorders. She enjoys working as part of the Body Love Cafe team, a holistic health clinic in Walnut Creek, CA which recently won “Best of the Bay” by Diablo magazine for 2020. Dr. Garvey works with clients throughout the US and abroad.


Everyone who works with Dr. Garvey comments about how much they love her energy, compassion and deep care for her clients so they may realize their best health and live a joyful life!

Dr. Garvey is an established and very well respected Doctor of Chiropractic and holistic health consultant. She has been a practicing Chiropractic for over 19 years and practicing AAT, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics for 10 years. She has achieved honors and national recognition in her holistic approach to heath, finding and treating the root cause of a health problem, not merely the symptoms. All parts of the body are connected and affect each other; therefore, treating the body as “whole” is the most effective way to achieve lasting results.

Dr. Garvey’s goal is to help you enjoy your life to the fullest and to express your highest expression of yourself. She wants everyone to live without unnecessarily suffering with unwanted symptoms of the body, mind and spirit.

"where there's stagnation, there will be pain"

Shelise Irby, rd

Shelise graduated from U.C. Davis as a Registered Dietician and provides functional nutrition consulting at Body Love Cafe.  Her in-depth knowledge of whole food healing combined with her medically focused education provides her with a unique perspective on preventative health. Shelise is passionate about health for the whole family and loves working with couples, moms, children and teens. 

From a young age Shelise suffered from many unidentified food and environmental allergies. She was eventually able to get the help she needed through supplements, herbs, dietary changes and homeopathy. Experiencing firsthand the life-changing benefits of balancing her nutrition and learning what foods to avoid to maintain her health, Shelise decided that method was something she wanted to help others learn as well.


Shelise has worked in private practice doing functional nutrition consulting, supporting dietary changes and detox in her patients, for 8 years. She also worked in the supplement industry for 7 years, educating other healthcare practitioners on how to utilize nutrition to create better patient outcomes in their practices. 


As you would expect from every dietitian, Shelise loves to cook and spends much of her time in the kitchen creating healthy meals and baking with gluten free ingredients. She also enjoys growing mushrooms and has a cat named Oochie that she loves to spend time with.

"we repeat what we don't repair"

Chris Engen, NC, CRNC, BCHN

Chris Engen, NC, CRNC, BCHN™ is a Nutrition Consultant, certified by Bauman College for Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts and is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP). She holds designations as CRNC1 and CRNC2, earned from The Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition, for advanced proficiency in Amino Acid Therapy. She’s also a Cum Laude graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Chris specializes in Targeted Nutrition and Amino Acid Therapy for mental health. Low mood or mood swings, anxiety, perfectionism, overwhelm, inattention/lack of focus, apathy, sleep trouble and more can be attributed to deficiencies in specific neurotransmitter systems. 

Often, people reach for substances like alcohol or sugar to make themselves feel better and can become dependent upon them, to the detriment of their health. Amino Acid Therapy is a natural way to correct chemical imbalances in the brain to relieve unhealthy cravings and restore balance, naturally.

She works with clients to determine the right foods to eat for optimal mental health and emotional balance. Nutrition is not always viewed as "feeding the brain", yet that is exactly what food does! With proper nutrition, we feel balanced and are able cope with stress and make good choices.


Chris lives in Northern California with her 3 teenagers and 2 dogs. She has diverse interests and hobbies ranging from triathlon racing to snowboarding to SCUBA diving to hiking. Other interests include reading, travel and independent movies. She loves sharing her passion for wellness, mental and physical, and the beautiful life that comes with being properly nourished with anyone who wants to change their life!

"we carry our 'issues' in our tissues"

David Zachary, CMT, ACN

David has the ability to fix anything whether it be a patient's body & mindset or repairing a house or building an electric bike. He serves as a bodyworker and Health Coach at Body Love Cafe utilizing a wide variety of techniques ranging from classical structural mobility to reposturing to therapeutic massage to energy medicine. 

He furthered his studies as a health and nutrition coach specializing in ketogenic, paleo & elimination diets for those dealing with food sensitivities or mood issues. With his background in body mechanics he's a natural resource for exercise and movement programs along with meditation and mindfulness practices. 

David studied physics at Minnesota State University - Moorhead and earned his advanced massage certification at Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2002. He also became certified in T'ai Chi Chih in 1999 and served as an instructor.

David Zachary massage reposturing ART fascia cupping

David's own childhood experience with ADHD drove him to expand his studies as an adult and research natural remedies and lifestyle strategies for dealing with ADHD, which may be used alongside medication if needed. He is incredibly resilient with an upbeat energy, a "never say die" attitude and more than a few corny Dad jokes. Many of his patients have described him as "the most compassionate guy" and the "best bodyworker." 

In his free time David builds electric bikes, adores his cat "Kiki", is an electric car aficionado, handles home remodels and loves to cook. 

"translate nutrition into everyday habits"

Allison Ayer, BA, CPT, LMT

Allison Ayer brings a breadth of experience into her work that enables her to assist you in reclaiming your natural power. As an athlete and dancer, she is familiar with many aches, pains and symptoms personally and has worked with many people trying to get the most out of their bodies.  A Bowdoin grad, she attended the Florida School of Massage in 1998 and has been working on alleviating pain and increasing performance since. Always eager to learn more about the body, Allison has many modalities under her belt to assist you in the perfect solution to create a more comfortable, stronger and happier you!

Allison works with athletes, people in chronic pain, pregnant women and new moms, people pre and post-surgery, people with insomnia, digestive issues, adrenal issues, vision issues, dizziness, food intolerances, migraines and jaw problems, people who have been in car accidents, and people who sit at their desks all day!

She helps you to reduce or eliminate pain, lower stress, sleep, concentrate and digest better, improve athletic performance, and have greater range of motion.

Allison can help even if you haven't had success with other modalities, by reprogramming your nerve receptor and improving its communication with the brain, so that your body can restore its own natural functionality of muscles, organs, joints and all integrated structures.

Allison uses P-DTR, a manual neuro-therapy, to restore your proper software settings, and occasionally  integrate ART when there is scar tissue or fascial restriction.   She will give you homework movements to remind the nervous system of the work it has accomplished. 

"Progress, not perfection. movement is life."

kelly Hurrey, BS, CPT

Kelly Hurrey provides health coaching, at Body Love Cafe in addition to serving as the Wellness Director for the entire clinic. She has a degree in Health and Physiology, and is currently becoming certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. Her passion is whole-self wellness and she believes wellness can be FUN when given the right tools.


She and her family (devoted hubby and teen kids) have embraced a lifestyle that includes nutrition, fitness, whole food and plant-based eating using high quality/low quantity meat as a garnish.


As a mama of two teens, Kelly is constantly looking for ways for her family to swap out traditional things for more natural alternatives. She runs an engaging wellness community on FB for people looking for tips on fitness, healthy recipes, daily motivation, and hydration.


Her focus on nutrition as a wellness mentor is a great fit for our office. She’s incredibly eager to learn more about Functional Medicine and being part of the Body Love Cafe team will get her there! She currently serves as the Wellness Director and oversees all the inner and outer working of Body Love Cafe.


Kelly is also earning her FMACC through the Functional Medicine Academy™ and leads a Bay Area hiking group.

"We love taking care of our patients"

Katie Coelho Energy Medicine Reiki EFT Psych-K Chakras Yog

Katie Coelho, BA, ACN

Katie provides health coaching, emotional & energy healing at Body Love Cafe in addition to serving as the Patient Advocate for the entire clinic. She has a deep understanding of holistic health, acts as a grounding force in the office, and is easily a patient favorite!


Katie graduated from the University of California-Davis in 2007 with her BA double major in English & International Relations. Her greatest college education came from working at The House Peer Counseling Center as a Peer Counselor and Program Coordinator.


In 2013, Katie drastically changed her mindset, diet, and lifestyle to heal herself after a debilitating pesticide exposure. It was a catalyst moment that started her lifetime love affair with health on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

In 2017, Katie agreed to "temporarily" help out a friend (Dr. Brandy Zachary) behind the scenes at Body Love Cafe while it transitioned to it's Walnut Creek location. There, she found her people: those living in light & truth while committed to their healing journey.


Her passion for multi-dimensional healing inspired her to facilitate Emotional Wellness sessions; working with patients to release ancestral trauma & limiting beliefs, up-leveling their vibration & consciousness. She enjoys chefing 100% organic paleo dishes, deepening her faith, vegetable gardening, expanding her knowledge of plant-based medicine, yoga and the great outdoors.

Dr. Zachary says, "Katie is a compassionate listener and a natural healer, everyone feels better when she's around. Patients rave about their 'Mental Makeover' sessions with Katie!"

" daughter developed some health issues...I immediately brought her to BLC and the team was ever so compassionate, patient, and helpful in treating her stomach issues...  


As a parent, I am so grateful for

the help and continued support

in achieving the best health

for my daughter." 

— Kristina C.

"Dr. Zachary is very knowledgeable in alignment with the body and herbs and supplements ... for optimum health.


David is amazing with his healing hands of massage...the best massage therapist I have ever had. I highly recommend Body Love Cafe"

—Laurie H.

"Love your body. heal your mind. feed your soul."

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