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Are you ready to get sexy this summer?

Join our Summer program and transform your health with personalized guidance and support designed just for you!

What's included?

Comprehensive Health Questionnaire: 

  • Detailed assessment of your health history, lifestyle, and current concerns.

60-Minute Intake Appointment: 

  • One-on-one session to discuss your health goals and begin your personalized plan.

Lifestyle, Diet, and Supplement Guidance:

  • Customized recommendations to support your health and wellness journey.

Lab Testing Recommendations:

  • Professional advice on necessary lab tests and step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

60-Minute Post-Lab Consultation:

  • In-depth review of your lab results with detailed action steps tailored to your needs.

Eight Follow-Up Appointments:

  • Ongoing support and adjustments to your plan, completed over a four-month period.

Live Chat Time:

  • Weekly live chat sessions every Tuesday from 2-3 PM ET to address any questions and provide additional support.


A Special Bonus Offer!!!

For a limited time, we are adding exclusive bonuses to our program

Two Weeks of "Wake Up with Me" Sessions:

Start your day right with an hour of morning wellness activities, Monday through Friday, for two weeks.

20% Off Supplements:

Enjoy a 20% discount on all supplements for the duration of your program.

Exclusive Access to a Members-Only Resource Library:

Gain access to a wealth of resources, including recipes, meal plans, workout routines, mindfulness exercises, and educational materials.

Special Offer Pricing!

Take advantage of this limited-time offer and save $1,500! Enroll now to secure your place and start your journey to optimal health.

"Coach Lily has helped me achieve a balanced lifestyle that supports my mental and physical health goals. Their ongoing support and regular check-ins kept me motivated and on track. I finally feel I have some control over my life.”

Lilianna, NYC

 Ready to Transform Your Summer? 

Don't wait another minute- change your life today!

How ready are you to improve your health (and look sexy)?
Let's get started!
On the following page you will be able to schedule a free consultation with our team... Will you 100% be able to make the time that you choose?
Yes- I will stay 100% committed to the time I choose
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