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What Our Patients Say About Us

Energy session with Katie for my daughter. Katie was very nurturing and intuitive. My daughter was very at ease with her. We're looking forward to another session. Thank you for offering this service!

Kelly H.

BLC bodywork by David = Fabulous! I asked for a relaxing massage this time vs shoulder therapy like I normally do. David was so intuitive and spoke in a calming voice, having me tune into my body, one area at a time - toes, soles of feet, heels, ankles, calves, etc. and how they were grounded to the table. It was exactly what I needed and so appreciated. 

K. McCallister

Body Love Cafe has always been amazing for our family, going above and beyond to meet our unique health needs. I’m happy their business has been expanding but I was worried when we were told Dr. Z wouldn’t being seeing patients directly any more. Well, no more worries here! Shelise is the new person we’re seeing and we couldn’t be happier. She has been so thorough and helpful with me! And then yesterday she went above and beyond for my daughter. My tween daughter never feels instantly comfortable with anyone or any situation and today Shelise was so patient and spent so much time to connect with her. I had told Shelise some things about my sensitive daughter in advance, and she took it all to heart. My daughter left the appointment raving about Shelise and actually excited about her protocol, and my heart is so full and grateful. Body Love Cafe has always had the best people, and clearly they keep hiring more amazing people. Thank you Shelise, thank you team BLC, and thanks Dr. Zachary for leading the way!!

K. Raher

Thank you Kelly! You are so friendly and kind... I enjoyed our conversation. And Few!, Finally a health professional that cares to put the pieces together ! I couldn't be happier that I chose Body Love Cafe! ✨

Shannon L.

Dr Garvey is very kind and patient. I feel like she really hears me and works with what is best for me. She's very relatable and sweet. I started out with Dr Zachary and found her very knowledgeable about Hashimoto's and gut issues. She helped me clear away many issues that a previous practitioner could not help me understand. Not only do both Drs work to design a protocol for you specifically, they are also mindful of the financial cost to you which was definitely not the case with the previous practitioner. Also, the staff {Katie} responds very quickly anytime I email with questions and makes sure I am taken care of. I am very grateful to all the staff at Body Love Cafe and recommend them highly

Angel B.

David isn’t your average massage therapist; I trust his guidance and truly see him as integral part of my medical treatment team.


Amazing!! And life changing! Everyone there is great and super helpful.  I have been battling infections for awhile and decided I didn't want to keep taking antibiotics for it. Dr. B has put me through a course of supplements and diet changes and lifestyle changes and my labs are improving each time! She also offers free classes which are very helpful from diets to anatomy which she is so so knowledgeable about!!! She recently added a Accupuncturist to her already awesome team (I am big fan of accupuncture) and he just makes the team even more awesome!

Lorra A.

I went to Dr. Brandy because of ongoing hip and shoulder pain. My MD ignored it because "it's all part of aging". I didn't like that answer!!!
I was comfortable from the moment I met Dr Brandy. She is a careful listener, completely nonjudgmental, extremely knowledgeable, just personal enough to radiate her joyful spirit.  She uses a variety of techniques and explains each one thoroughly (cupping, block placement, balls, chiropractic, etc). She is very gentle, checking in as she does her work on me to make sure I'm ok.
I trust her completely and excited to be on my healing journey with her....

Charlotte M.

My husband and I are seeing Dr. Brandy for nutrition and functional medicine. It is so amazing to understand why things happen the way they do and how they are connected. We've learned so much and we've both lost weight from eating healthy. My husband has lost 36 lbs and I've lost 14. I honestly think we will keep eating healthy and won't revert back now that we know what we know.
Because a meal plan is provided, making our food has been easy and delicious.  It is a shift from thinking fat is bad to believing fat is good but it all makes sense once you learn. We are very happy with our decision to embark on this program focusing on our health. I would highly recommend A visit to the Body Love Cafe if you are serious about getting healthy and understanding how it all works. 

Michelle S.

"health is a journey. what's your story?"

"Love your body. heal your mind. feed your soul."

The Path Back to Health is a JOURNEY
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