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"knowledge is power. Learn how your body works."

  • Team BLC

(video) DEPRESSION SUCKS. What You need to know on the road to recovery.

Educational class for patients, public, practitioners (for working with their patients), for family, friends and allies in the fight against depression.

This is a life-affirming, informative class

From traditional western to natural to new discoveries - this is a comprehensive class about Depression Protocol options!

No Shame. No Blame.

End the Stigma.

Hi Friends, Dr. Zachary here...

I have NEW information to share with you.

Yes, I always teach the depression class this time of year because the Fall/Winter can be especially challenging with the shorter days, less sun, less activity, holiday, family and loss triggers...

But I'm also always on the look out for NEW or improved protocol options for depression - it is a tough condition to resolve.

I will cover the basics in this class and then include a few NEW discoveries in the medical, holistic and invention worlds.

I sincerely hope this class is of benefit to you or your loved ones. A few things to keep in mind:

Depression (including apathy, lethargy, low mood, irritability) is very COMMON and nothing to be ashamed of - help is available!

You (or someone you love) may be dealing with a diagnosis of depression or "just" experiencing the symptoms at a low level.

Some people have debilitating symptoms and others are highly functional in society and unless they confided in you -you would never know they've spent the last few DECADES FEELING UNHAPPY.

I'm VERY PASSIONATE about people getting the depression help they need because I experienced it for the first time in my life after a car accident. I've managed it since that injury for 18 years at times where it has been crippling and at times where it was in full remission - so I am personally, professionally and clinically familiar with the condition.

Did you know there are many causes and contributing factors? This is much more than just a disease or illness of biochemicals.

Depression can be LIFE THREATENING so it is something we always want to take very seriously. I will educate regarding a few medical interventions that may help reduce or even eliminate suicidal ideation within hours.

Depression is also not the same for everyone. You may need to have more than one provider or more than one method to get relief.

Depression also demands a lot from the patient (which is why I say "it sucks"), because just when that person feels incapable of doing anything is when they need a heroic effort to participate in their own care to get well. It's a lot to ask of someone.

So - this class will cover:

  • Briefly - what counts as depression and the range of associated conditions and moods

  • Well-known and little-known medical treatments for depression

  • Well-known and little-known holistic protocols & lifestyle options

  • New discoveries, new devices, non-invasive options, what's on the horizon, some new research and clinical trials

  • Depression as a family condition & how it impacts partners, kids, etc.

  • LIVE Q&A at the end

***An informative class with Dr. Zachary about the upcoming and latest research and medical/holistic options for working with depression. Public, patients and practitioners attended. We hope this video is helpful, please share with loved ones. As always, check with your medical providers before making any changes to your diet, exercise, supplement regiments and do not stop medication without working with your prescribing doc. Please call a suicidal hotline or 911 if struggling and in a crisis situation as help is available. No Shame. End the Stigma.

Natural medicine meets cutting-edge science to dig deeper and provide answers as to why you don’t feel well. We hear you. We see you. We believe you – it isn’t all in your head and we’ve got the technique and labs to show why.

Body Love Cafe is a safe place to share your struggles, ask questions and look deeper for answers typically overlooked by conventional medicine. With a focus on “why” is this happening and “what” can be done to get to the root cause, the Body Love Cafe practitioners are trained to think differently.

This type of care creates a partnership between the patient/client and practitioner to best facilitate results and overall wellness. This means we actually listen and customize our protocols. Our team includes Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Bodywork/Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Health Coaching & Energy Medicine.

It all started after our founder after she suffered a “mystery illness” that left her declared permanently disabled. Unwilling to accept that diagnosis, she fought back to regain her health and then launched Body Love Cafe, our holistic health clinic in Walnut Creek, CA which recently won “Best of the Bay” by Diablo magazine for 2020.In short, “we figure out why you feel like crap but your MD says you’re fine.”

Visit our website to learn more: or contact us at

"health is the real wealth. invest wisely."

"serving hands-on healing"

" daughter developed some health issues...I immediately brought her to BLC and the team was ever so compassionate, patient, and helpful in treating her stomach issues...  


As a parent, I am so grateful for

the help and continued support

in achieving the best health

for my daughter." 

— Kristina C.

"Dr. Zachary is very knowledgeable in alignment with the body and herbs and supplements ... for optimum health.


David is amazing with his healing hands of massage...the best massage therapist I have ever had. I highly recommend Body Love Cafe"

—Laurie H.

"love your body. heal your mind. feed your soul."

"health is not valued until sickness comes."

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