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Time to De-Stress!! A Quick Photo-Introduction to Your Adrenal Glands & Adrenal Fatigue...

We hear about stress all the time to the point where we just take it for granted, not realizing what a destructive force it really is to our health and happiness.

Our body is designed to ramp up and respond quickly to short-term stress. This quick start and quick stop allows for recovery which is important, because our Adrenal Glands produce key hormones that impact many essential body functions as shown in the diagram below:

[Really check out the diagram above - it's eye-opening to the importance of the Endocrine System as a whole!]

The big problem is that our typical modern lives create constant, ongoing (chronic) low levels of stress that impact our health with occasional bouts of big-time stressors to top it off.

It is just too much and I frequently see patients that have some level of adrenal fatigue and in extreme cases, adrenal exhaustion.

It can take your body several years to fully recover from the stressors in your life and that is with the correct treatment protocol.

Even once the cause of the stress is gone, I can still see the long-term effect in exam and blood lab test results if the body hasn't been given the correct support it needs to recover.

This means that things don't always "go away on their own" even once the problem causing the stress is over and done.

And then, of course, there are ongoing stressors that you have no control over such as: air quality, radiation, pesticides, water pollution, politics - anything that will stress your body and/or mind. Even ongoing low levels have the potential for a big impact over time.

Making lifestyle changes is definitely the first step and includes your diet, sleep, exercise, social behavior and levels of stillness or rest.

It is best to work with a health practitioner who will customize this plan for you because everyone is unique - there is NOT a "one-size-fits-all" plan to solving these problems.

For more free information you can read the other articles on this website including What To Eat, The Road to Recovery, What is Body Love and The Stages of Healing.

I also have a large variety of nutrients and herbal remedies available for stress that I love, use personally and recommend for patients.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not stuck, change is right around the corner and there is always a safe, non-toxic solution available. Hang in there!

Below is a fun "10 Ways to De-Stress" infographic courtesy of the Chopra Center. Enjoy!

Serving Hands-On Healing,

Dr. Zachary

"health is the real wealth. invest wisely."

"serving hands-on healing"

" daughter developed some health issues...I immediately brought her to BLC and the team was ever so compassionate, patient, and helpful in treating her stomach issues...  


As a parent, I am so grateful for

the help and continued support

in achieving the best health

for my daughter." 

— Kristina C.

"Dr. Zachary is very knowledgeable in alignment with the body and herbs and supplements ... for optimum health.


David is amazing with his healing hands of massage...the best massage therapist I have ever had. I highly recommend Body Love Cafe"

—Laurie H.

"love your body. heal your mind. feed your soul."

"health is not valued until sickness comes."

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