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Greetings to our Body Love Cafe patients and community!


We know that there has been a lot of concern regarding immune health, virus-fears, “social distancing”, financial worries and quarantine questions - so we wanted to share our response, our resources and a few policy changes for the next few weeks including significant savings, virtual appointments, shipping supplements, family visits and food delivery. Our stance is “ZERO PANIC, JUST WISE PLANNING.”




1. We will keep you updated via email but the most current information will be via our Body Love Cafe Facebook page and on the website at the “News” tab. For our less tech-savvy patients, please email or call the office.


2. To better serve our patients and assist with costs we will extend a SAVINGS of 10% off the cost of all supplements and herbs and we will increase the discount for our Health Savings Plans (HSP) patients to 30% off supplements and herbs through 4/15.


3. We are offering a new virtual “Family Nutrition” visit where the cost of one visit may be used to address the health of the entire family. Ex. During visit for mom we are also able to address dad’s and the kids health. This is our effort to make sure you can get the care you need for your family at an affordable rate. Please complete the paperwork for any new patients so we will have their health history. A 30-minute virtual appointment with Dr. Zachary is $100 and a 60-minute visit is $200. Please specify if this is a visit just for you or your entire family.


  1. Effective immediately, ALL of Dr. Zachary’s appointments will be VIRTUAL. While she loves seeing you in the office and for everyone local that may be your only experience - rest assured she has been doing virtual appointments for years throughout the United States and overseas. We can connect you via phone or video. The virtual visits will continue until 4/15. Below we will outline the option for existing or new appointments.

  2. Existing follow-up appointments, nutrition visits and Report of Findings (ROF) will all be virtual. If you want to keep an in-person appointment, please reschedule for a later date.

  3. Existing EXAMS have a few options.

    1. If you want to keep the appointment in-person, please reschedule it for a later date.We have a long waiting list of patients who want appointments but you will be given priority.

    2. If you want to keep the appointment (an option most of our patients have elected) then we will change it from a 90-minute visit to a 60-minute visit. Due to the remote nature, we won’t need that extra half hour. Accordingly, we will credit you with $100 toward your next visit if you have prepaid and if you have not, we will only charge you $275 instead of the usual $375.


4. Due to these unusual times and high demand, Dr. Zachary has added additional days and times to handle the influx of appointments. You may schedule on Tuesday and Thursday, so please reach out to the office with any questions. If your visit is far in the future and you want to move it sooner or you’ve been on the wait list, we will do our best to accommodate and get your scheduled sooner.


5. We will only have one team member in the office at a time over the next two weeks, but we have set it up so we are staffed daily in an effort to handle the needs of our patients. Last week the entire office was cleaned (again) and sterilized. We wipe down tables, door handles and table tops before and after each person enters the office. 


6. SHIPPING  - To limit the need for in-person supplement pick up, we are going to charge a flat rate of $5 to mail your supplements and we will cover the rest of the cost (which is often up to $20). This way you can receive your items quickly and have one less errand during the next few weeks. 


7. BODYWORK & COACHING + CLASSES - Drop-in hours will be postponed through March. Health Coaching appointments will be virtual, as will our “Lifestyle Rx” class on 4/6 and the Body Love Cafe Support Group on Saturdays from 9:30-11 am will also be virtual from 3/28-4/25. The Support Group has a fee of $10 per class but in light of this greater need for community support, Body Love Cafe will cover the cost and the practitioners time so the support group will be free for all who may benefit from that service. Just RSVP on the Classes page and we will make sure you receive information on how to participate virtually. 


8. SUPPLEMENTS - We like to customize recommendations for each of our patients, but we have included some general immune support supplements as we have received so many requests. You may see that information below where we’ve also included some general food and lifestyle support you can utilize over the next few weeks. Dr. Zachary has also been interviewed multiple times and you may view that online. We will also post new videos on the Body Love Cafe Facebook page and share valuable health tips.


9. Stocking up on food is a good idea, but filling up on bread, pasta and sugar-laden granola bars are not a good way to boost immune health. We HIGHLY recommend making and freezing vegetables, fruits, quality protein (pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, fermented soy), and healthy fats are easily accessible. Chef Claudia is still providing fresh, organic food delivery. Her supply comes directly from farms so she doesn’t have any food shortage issues. Reach out if you have any questions, she has been feeding Dr. Zachary’s family every week for over a year. Chef Claudia sterilizes everything in her commercial kitchen and her 4 employees are on leave right now so she is exclusively doing not only all the food prep, but also all the delivery. Please reach out if you have any questions. Other organic food delivery resources include Daily Harvest, Butcherbox and My Sustainable Table - all listed below with discount codes.

Dr. Z - Her Supplements

A Few Immune Support Supplement Options


As many of our BLC community know, Dr. Zachary has a primary immunodeficiency so she’s been making efforts to boost and manage her immune system for years. Always consult with us and/or your other healthcare practitioners when making diet, exercise and supplement changes - especially if pregnant, nursing or taking medication. (Some of these herbs are not to be used during pregnancy ) Dr. Zachary listed below 3 categories of what supplements she takes for immune support and some immune boosting foods:



Eat the color of the rainbow to get your micronutrients without having to calculate it out. Good immune foods include:

  • Garlic, onion, ginger

  • Green, red, purple veggies, blueberries

  • Shitake, reishi mushroom

  • Liver, salmon, eggs, tuna

  • Pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts (only 2/day)


GENERAL IMMUNE SUPPORT This is what I’m taking every day now. I handpicked each of these items for their incredible quality and many of them are key immune nutrients, such as vitamin D, vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids, magnesium, echinacea and probiotics. What you might not be familiar with is the benefits of taking IgG, electrolytes or using a nasal spray. A few details below:

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EXTRA-IMMUNE SUPPORT This is what I take when I start to feel crummy. every day now. Some great quality herbs know for anit-viral support, some soothing throat support, respiratory support - good stuff that no one is talking about! A few details below:

Screenshot (1655).png

INFLAMMATORY or CYTOKINE SUPPORT It really feels crummy, I’ve experienced this from gut mediated LPS and this is what I’ve used plus some anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine nutrients. A few details below:

Screenshot (1656).png

Everything listed is Dr. Zachary’s opinion and she selected items she personally uses and has used with many patients. Comments have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Dr. Z  - Top Tips for Staying Healthy

  1. Lower STRESS and do not panic  - Above all else, stay calm and work to mitigate stress (even if it means turning off the news for a bit) as elevated cortisol decreases SIgA which is your first line immune defense in your GI tract - so yes, a calm mindset really will boost your immune system! Focus on what you can control, not what you can not control. Practice meditation, yoga (at home), Vagal Tone exercises, hum/chant, sleep, prayer/spiritual activities, use HRV apps on your phone - make a conscious effort to disengage for a few moments each day where you create a state of calm and safety. Practicing that will better equip you to handle any chaos that comes your way. 

  2. Don't eat sugar - (not playing here - if you want a great fighting chance for health don't eat something that negatively impacts your immune system).

  3. Don't eat gluten - (Dr. Z has looked at hundreds of DNA-PCR stool tests to know that many people launch an immune response to gluten even though they are NOT celiac. You can spend hundreds of dollars to find out if you are one of those people or just skip gluten for a few months - that's the cheaper option!)

  4. Staying home right now is an excellent idea and may soon become a mandate - Use this as a time for self-care for the whole family.  Work from home whenever possible, keep your health appointments but more to virtual if possible. Switch social engagements to online for now.

  5. Eat your veggies, healthy fruits, healthy fats and protein. You can FREEZE fresh veggies and fruits which would be ideal to stock up on (not bread, pasta and granola bars). Want some complex carbs? Try soaked beans, quinoa or white rice (cool and then cool for 6 hours to produce resistant starch).

  6. Get Sleep - lots of healing happens while you sleep and you make the most amount of opioids from 2-4am which directly impacts your neuroimmune health - so get some sleep!

Community Resources

  1. Food - Chef Claudia 925-285-5394 or Claudia@chefinfive.comDaily Harvest www.daily-harvest.com and $25 discount code is: RE-TE36E7H. My Sustainable Table at www.mysustainabletable.com and they give BLC patients 10% off. Butcherbox grass fed meat and pastured chicken delivery at www.butcherbox.com and $30 discount code is http://fbuy.me/oUDwA (These are all companies Dr. Z has used)

  2. Free Educational Services for Children - access the extensive list here: KIDS EDUCATION LIST

  3. Mental & Behavioral Health Resources - connect with Katie, Kylene & David virtually for appointments for a Mental Makeover visit or Health Coaching. To help reduce isolation & loneliness, stay connected online. Dr. Allyson Mayo will help you figure out how to use Zoom to stay connected or get online to place orders. She is the founder of www.behavioralfitnesstoday.com and had a few pieces of advice to share:

    1. Set up your online virtual/video account.

      1. Now is not the time to stop caring for your health. Meet with providers virtually.

      2.  Don’t be alone/isolated. Stay connected with friends/family

      3.  Be engaged in community.  Gain access to online learning, entertaining, and community

    2. Set up online-grocery store deliver or drive-up pickup

      1.  Have the grocery items delivered to your home

      2. Reduce your risk of  & gain peace of mind

  4. We have many more tips, services and resources in the coming days from BLC and our community partners so check out our website and FB page for new updates!

Virus Policy and Protocols

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