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"healing by cause, not by symptom"

Functional Medicine in CA

-Functional medicine & nutrition for patients in CA

VIRTUAL VISITS - Functional Medicine is an approach that considers the patient as a whole. Instead of just treating a symptom, the doctor will look "upstream" and ask, "Why is this happening? What's the root cause? Can we make a change at the source of the problem?"

These are VIRTUAL visits for any patients that reside in CA. If you reside outside of CA, please make a virtual NUTRITION CONSULTATION appointment.

Functional medicine & nutrition - intake 
 60 min $325

A deep dive intake, history, and assessment from the Functional Medicine perspective. Previous labs, current symptoms, genetics, and lifestyle practices will all be considered. Additional fees if we need to order any blood labs, advanced gut labs, hormone testing or nutrients. You will also need a ROF (Report of Findings) visit. Serving adults and shorter intakes for children listed below. Exam fee must be paid at the time of booking.

A very detailed health history form must be filled out in advance, please allow time to complete it online. These first two visits are longer so Dr. Zachary can really learn about you and we recommend scheduling both the exam and ROF as soon as possible as there is often a waiting list or limited availability. 

Children's Initial Intake Visit
30 MIN $150

This initial visit if for children ages 0-12 years of age. 

Lab Consult
 30 min $150

Send in existing blood labs or have us order them for you and the doctor will provide a functional analysis and explain the results in-depth. For most patients, this is the first time they've learned so much about their lab markers and the significance it has on their overall health. (This service is already provided for those doing a full Exam/ROF).  Additional lab fees if we order them.

No Charge Lab consult
 10 min - NC

Dr. Zachary may provide a phone consultation for new patients that want to see if Functional Medicine is right for them. Limited Availability.






report of findings








To learn more about the Functional Medicine process and what to expect as a New Patient, click HERE.

ROF (report Of Findings)
 60 min $250

ROF (Report Of Findings) Visit for patients  - this is the follow-up visit after your intake is done. Your doctor will combine your history, intake forms, intake appointment, symptoms, and labs to come up with a priority list of what needs to be addressed and suggestions using holistic principles of diet, lifestyle changes (sleep, stress, exercise, relaxation, etc.), supplementation, holistic therapies, and referrals to other practitioners as needed.

Follow-Up visits
30 MIN $100
60 Min $200
15 Min $50

These are visits to see if the protocols implemented are working as predicted. New lifestyles always are bumpy, and we're here to make this shift as easy as possible.

Follow-Up visit with labs
30 MIN $125
60 Min $250

Follow-up visit for existing patients that require lad analysis. Allow extra time due to additional questions or complexity of labs if needed.

Group visits Q&A
session $30

This is an OPEN FORMAT session that is designed as an affordable way to ask simple follow-up questions, food and lifestyle advice such as stress, sleep, pain.  Join other patients so you can mutually benefit and learn from shared information, experience, struggles, and celebrations. Appointment length varies depending on the number of participants.

Sample questions might include: 

  • "I'm on the Anti-Candida diet but having sugar cravings at night..."

  • "Can you explain the gluten marker, do I really have to avoid gluten?"

  • "My GI MAP lab says 'high Calprotectin' - why that matters?"

  • "How do I get my kid to eat veggies?"

  • "Is it normal to get a rash when I take supplement XYZ"  

  • "How do I get my blood sugar balanced"

  • ...and much more!


Group Q&A are typically 60 minutes with a limit of 20 participants but the time may be shortened due to participant size. You may just jump on for your question or stay on for the full call to hear and learn more about overall health.

You may also send us a message with your question or topic ahead of time if you want to just listen in instead of asking your question live during the call.

"all disease begins in the gut"

nutrition - out of CA

 nutrition coaching/consultation - remote clients

 60 min $325
nutrition coaching &
consultation intake

Clients outside of CA - Nutrition Consultation and Coaching - 60 min. An extended time to discuss your nutrition questions with Dr. Zachary and lab analysis as needed. Please submit labs in advance or reach out to the BLC office if you would like us to order lab work for you. Lab fees not included.

Children's Initial Intake Visit
30 MIN $150

This initial visit is for children ages 0-12 years of age. 

Prepaid referral intake
 30 or 60 min

Your health coach or provider may refer you to us as part of their program. Here you will get info that will help you and your provider optimize your plan.

 30 min $150
60 MIN $300
Follow Up Consult

Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Coaching with remote visits. One of the best ways to get specific, consistent & on-going support to attain results that is customized exclusively for YOU.

"all disease begins in the gut"

Practitioner consultation

support for clinical and practice needs

Practitioner coaching and consultation
 30 min $150
60 MIN $300

This visit may be used to discuss questions you may have regarding building your practice (ex. how to attract more patients, branding, patient flow, telehealth, marketing, etc) or for case consultation regarding your existing patients (ex. complex SIBO case, recommendations for child with mood issues, etc). The time is yours to use how you wish.

Practitioner Consult savings package
5 - 30 min $600
5 - 60 min $1200

30 min - 5 sessions prepaid. $600 instead of $750 for five 30-min coaching sessions. These visits may be used to discuss questions you have regarding building your practice (ex. how to attract more patients, branding, patient flow, telehealth, marketing, etc) or for case consultation regarding your existing patients (ex. complex SIBO case, recommendations for child with mood issues, etc). The time is yours to use how you wish Individual or package rates are available for 30 min and 60 min sessions.

"touch the body, calm the mind"

Other services

 30 min $65
60 MIN $115
or package pricing
Health Coaching
Menu Planning 

Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Coaching in-person or with remote visits. One of the best ways to get specific, consistent & on-going support to attain results that is customized exclusively for YOU. Weekly visits for the first 1-2 months is especially helpful when weight loss is desired. David and Kylene provide the coaching and you may use the same coach for each visit or alternate if desired. Ask the office for more information. 

 30 min $65
60 MIN $115

David has advanced bodywork and massage training with over 18 years of experience. He uses a variety of techniques and therapeutic tools which may include: cold laser, percussive massage, PEMF, active and passive muscle release, fascia work, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral, deep tissue, acupuncture, energy work, therapeutic massage, deep-tissue or reposture stretching.

 30 min $65
60 MIN $115

Ready to stop the "Self-Sabotage" cycle? The Mental Makeover session is designed to release trapped emotions, ancestral trauma, & limiting beliefs. Katie & David utilize a variety of techniques similar to: Chakra Balancing, Emotion Code, Injury Recall Technique, Psych-K, Symphony of Cells, Sound Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and more. *Package pricing available

"a diagnosis doesn't determine who you are"

Package Pricing

Therapeutic bodywork, energy medicine & health coaching often benefits the patient with repeat visits, so Body Love Cafe strives to make this possible with package pricing. 

You may purchase a package and use it for just one technique or mix and match between: massage, health coaching, mental makeover/ emotional wellness.  See pricing below for options.

package PRICING for items above
60 min sessions normally $115
package pricing:
3 for $95 each
5 for $85 each
10 for $75 each
30 min sessions normally $65
package pricing:
5 for $60 each
10 for $55 each

 Depending on the package selected, savings may range from $25-$400. Some packages can also be used with multiple services or practitioners. Reach out to the office for more information. 

"let your food be your medicine"

"Dr. Zachary was referred to me by my primary care physician, which I consider an incredible endorsement, given we live in a country where western medicine, insurance, and pharm do not readily embrace functional medicine...


I feel better in two months than

I have in five years of seeing

a variety of doctors!

All the staff is extremely helpful. I recommend the massage sessions with David as well, wonderful!"

— Yolanda S.

"She is the CURE FOR IT ALL!

Haven't been to a regular doctor

since getting adjustments and any ailment my family comes down with (injuries, ear infections, colds, anxiety and stress, migraines),

she knows exactly what we need.

Her herbal remedies, multi-vitamins, adjustments, percussion massage all have healed us in 2-3 days. The money you will spend here is worth every penny! Her staff is amazing also."

— Jessica F.

"love your body. heal your mind. feed your soul."

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