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A PDF filled with resources that’ll help you communicate with your patients & get the results you both want!

Functional Medicine Academy



a dynamic certification program offered through FMA Training with dr. zachary (IFMCP) instructing 

The Functional Medicine AcademyTM trains licensed physicians and nutritional professionals in the science, art, and business of running a holistic health practice. 

You may earn the Functional Medicine Academy Certified Practitioner (FMACP) upon completion of the program if you are a licensed MD, DO, DC, ND, OMD, PhD, LAc, NP, RN


You may earn the Functional Medicine Academy Certified Coach (FMACC) upon completion of the program if you are a CMT, CNC, health coach or a student interested in nutrition. 

In all cases, graduates may use the information up to the full scope of practice for their profession and/or according to state laws.

Functional Medicine Academy FMACP Certified Practitioner


Functional Medicine Academy FMACC Certified Coach


The Functional Medicine AcademyTM (FMA) was created for some of the following reasons:

  • There is a huge demand for Functional Medicine practitioners but not enough of them trained to meet that need.

  • Many traditionally trained physicians are lacking in nutrition or Functional Medicine knowledge.

  • Many professionals with adequate nutrition training lack needed business skills and marketing savvy to create a successful practice.

  • Often licensed practitioners and non-licensed nutrition professionals do not speak the "same language" and miss an opportunity to refer to one another or work for one another in a holistic health clinic.

  • Sometimes clinically competent practitioners lack the skills to effectively communicate with patients.

  • Some health professionals need to learn how to blend cutting-edge Functional Medicine labwork with western and eastern healing modalities.

  • There are "newbies" interested in Functional Medicine that want to get a running start and experienced docs making the switch to Functional Medicine that don't want to have to reinvent the wheel.

Functional Medicine Academy FMACP Certified Practitioner functional medicine school

The fma 

certification program

Each of the FMA courses may be taken individually and in any order. You may earn the certification once you complete all 7 classes, pass the certification test and submit a case review.


Below is a brief outline of the FMA courses.








The Functional Health & Nutrition Exam - Mastering Patient Flow & Retention

The Nutrition Exam, a staple among practitioners, is now updated and expanded. This comprehensive seminar covers everything from the NEW exam to ROF to follow-up visits and all the patient forms are included.

Belly Aches and Bloating - The Practitioner’s Guide to the Gut (Part 1)

Effective solutions for all the common gut health symptoms that bring patients to your office. Protocols that can be immediately put into practice with the option of lab testing as needed.

Belly Aches and Bloating - The Practitioner’s Guide to the Gut (Part 2)

Advanced treatment protocols for SIBO, SIFO, LIBO including how to identify and explain these conditions to the patient, with optional testing to verify your findings. The ability to manage these conditions is an excellent practice builder.

More than Cholesterol - Insights into Heart Health

Cutting-edge solutions for heart health issues plus how to order and interpret advanced cardiac blood labs. This seminar includes an easy-to-implement system that generates many new patient referrals. 

Food As Medicine - Growing a Nutrition & Weight-loss Practice

The nuts and bolts of a nutrition practice including key supplementation, effective meal plans, how to run group programs, & lifestyle protocols. A “ready-to-launch” system that can be implemented by the practitioner or a staff member in your office.

Waiting List Practice - Marketing Made Simple

A crash course in proven, effective and ethical marketing for today’s modern patient. Excellent for generating a steady stream of patients to launch a new practice or expand an existing one.

Hormones Gone Haywire - Sex hormones, Adrenal & Thyroid Solutions

Hormone health made simple with natural remedies for irritability, anxiety, fatigue & weight gain. Optional lab testing will be covered along with intake and exam findings to help the practitioner make quick clinical connections that benefit your patients. 

Functional Medicine Academy Aduco

Call FMA Training at Body Love Cafe (925-788-6300 or 925-247-8094) or email Team@TheFunctionalMedicineAcademy.com to learn more about the FMA courses.


For More Detail about FMA including Pricing, Description of Classes, Certification, etc

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case consultations and/or

private coaching

work individually with dr. zachary

Many practitioners have consulted with Dr. Zachary after taking one of her classes or observing how quickly she built a successful Functional Medicine practice. However, very few know that Dr. Zachary previously worked as a business coach helping entrepreneurs start or expand their business with effective and ethical branding, marketing and sales. She served thousands of clients in a variety of fields from law to real estate to service to healthcare professionals. 

Dr. Zachary highly recommends taking the FMA course, but she will consult on patient cases or provide short-term coaching on occasion. Space is very limited. Reach out to the office if interested or visit the SERVICES page.

Body Love Cafe Dr. Zachary case consultations

FREE gift !!

A PDF filled with resources that’ll help you communicate with your patients & get the results you both want!


Testimonials from practitioners that have worked with Dr. Zachary

Dr. Brandy Zachary is absolutely brilliant and a wealth of knowledge!  She is a natural teacher and explains things clearly. She is a literally a walking encyclopedia but has the expertise of her clinical experience with her patients, as well as her own personal journey with her health.
Thank you... for sharing your knowledge with other practitioners!

Dr. Catherine Wang, MD
(Family Practice)

Dr. Zachary's coaching was absolutely instrumental in setting up my practice. Her brilliant resources and common-sense, but very refreshing, practical advice saved me when all I could think of were obstacles. She has the solutions and a really great roadmap for any practitioner who wants to make their dreams a reality. I am so happy I found her, and will certainly look to her again should I need the assistance.

Dr. Karen Van Wyk, MD, IFMCP (Functional Family Medicine)

Although I consider myself quite confident in the practice of psychotherapy, I felt almost paralyzed with the thought of incorporating my knowledge of Functional Medicine into practice. After just one phone call with Dr. Zachary I felt so much at ease. She is both confident and compassionate at the same time. You can see she wants the same for you that she has established for herself. To give for the sake of giving is a beautiful skill to own and after working with her – you will see she is a ‘giver’.

Dr. L Jonk, PhD, RP, MPCC, IFMCP

"make a difference...it's never too late to start"