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"food is medicine. what are you eating?"

yummy food delivered

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is there anything better than having someone cook for you?

Chef Claudia cooks for many of our patients and often for Dr. Zachary's family or for events at Body Love Cafe. Chef Claudia is a classically trained gourmet chef that specializes in preparing homemade, healthy food that tasted great! Everything is prepared in small batches in a local commercial kitchen.

It's very rare to find a chef or food delivery service that "checks all the boxes" for healthy and delicious food. With Chef Claudia you can expect:


Locally Sourced



Grass-fed Beef

Pastured Chicken & Eggs

Quality Olive or Avocado Oil

Most Dairy-free

Superfoods, Fermented Foods, Microgreens

Healthy Desserts & Snacks

Chef Claudia is lovely to work with and goes above and beyond to take care of our patients. Each week you can choose to get food delivered or skip that week, no contracts are required. Interested to learn more? Email or call 925-788-6300 and ask for more information. 


Locally Sourced



Grass-fed Beef

Pastured Chicken & Eggs

Quality Olive or Avocado Oil

Most Dairy-free

Superfoods, Fermented Foods, Microgreens

Healthy Desserts & Snacks

"find the root cause for true healing"

Body Love Cafe Functional Medicine Thyroid Health

What Is Functional Medicine?

It's an approach to health that looks at the WHOLE patient vs just symptoms. Top to bottom holistic care, from inside to out, including body, mind & soul.

Body Love Cafe Chiropractic Massage Acupunctue

What Body Love Cafe Offers

A variety of practitioners serving patients in Functional Health, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Therapeutic Massage, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Emotional Healing, & more... 

Body Love Cafe Free Classes Adrenal Fatigue

Amazing Classes for Everyone

We provide informative & entertaining education on Thyroid Health, Adrenal Health, Heart Health, ADHD, Brain Health, Digestion, Gut Health, Mental Health & more...

"sickness comes in on horseback and departs on foot"






report of findings








To learn more about the Functional Medicine process and what to expect as a New Patient, click HERE.

"we love taking care of our patients!"

"I had a great massage from David at Body Love Cafe, which helped my hips. This was a therapeutic massage for a specific part of my body and he was very knowledgeable about it and got input from Dr. Zachary for the condition before working on my IT band. I highly recommend him..."

— Pamela F.

"Amazing!! And life changing! Everyone there is great and super helpful.  I have been battling infections for awhile and decided I didn't want to keep taking antibiotics for it. Dr. Zachary has put me through a course of supplements and diet changes and lifestyle changes and my labs are improving each time!..."

— Lorra A.

"My husband and I are seeing Dr. Zachary for nutrition and functional medicine. It is so amazing to understand why things happen the way they do and how they are connected.

We've learned so much and we've both lost weight from eating healthy.  


My husband has lost 36 lbs and I've lost 14. I honestly think we will keep eating healthy and won't revert back now that we know what we know. ...


I would highly recommend a visit to Body Love Cafe if you are serious about getting healthy and understanding how it all works."

—Michelle S.

"patient centered, whole body health"

Body Love Cafe Functional Medicine
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Physial Therapy Pelvic Floor Thrapy Dr Romy Havard Body Love Cafe

Physical Therapy

Health Coaching Weight Loss Walnut Creek



AAT Advaced Allergy Therapeutcs Food Sensitivities



Acupuncture Chinese Medicine TCM Chiropratic Sports Medicine



Emotional Wellness Energy Medicine Counseling Therapy PTSD

emotional wellness

"serving hands-on healing"

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