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Wed, Mar 04 | Body Love Cafe

Heart Health

Cardiac clues to avoid the heart attack blues
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Heart Health

Time & Location

Mar 04, 2020, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Body Love Cafe, 3093 Citrus Cir Ste 125, Walnut Creek, CA 94598, USA

About the Event

Cardiovascular diseases and stroke cause 1 in 3 women’s deaths each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds.

🔴THIS IS AVOIDABLE about 80% of the time - and that's the conservative estimate.

Too many people have been led to believe that "dad had a heart attack, it's just genetics, I probably will too."

This ⭐FREE⭐ class will probably be the most life-saving one we've taught yet.

Here's what you'll learn:

🔹The real CAUSE of heart disease/stroke & the RISKS to watch for 🔹The MOST ADVANCED blood labs to order for heart health 🔹WHAT the blood labs reveal - MORE than you think!!! 🔹Plus ANSWERS, action steps and when to get help

We'll leave plenty of time for QUESTIONS so please bring them! In the past guests have asked these types of questions:

🔸“Can anything be done if the test shows you have a genetic risk?" 🔸"One doc says I should take a statin, one says no, now what?" 🔸"Can I eat eggs? Do I have to stop red meat? Take aspirin?" 🔸"Fat raise your cholesterol? Do beans prevent heart disease?" 🔸"Should I run a 5k? Should I rest? Should I do yoga?" 🔸"Do I have to lose weight? Do thin people have heart attacks?" 🔸"How is diabetes connected to heart disease? Is coffee okay?" 🔸"I've heard of Leptin-resistance - what is it?" 🔸"Why didn't my PCP already order LDL particle size/number, MPO, Lp(a), Lp-Pla2, RLP, CRP-hs, etc?"


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We ⭐HIGHLY⭐ recommend that spouses attend together - this is information you will both want to hear.

Questions? Please call Body Love Cafe at 925-788-6300 or email

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"Two months ago I though I would not be alive for more than a couple years at best. I was rejected for a life insurance policy because of my health problems at 42 years old. As I sit here tonight writing this I have had several weeks of continuous improvement and am extremely optimistic about the future. I only have kind words and thoughts about everyone at Body Love Cafe.

This is the best I have felt in over two years. I am grateful for the much needed help that has been provided by the wonderful people at BLC."

— Brian G.

"I love the staff, everyone is well informed, helpful, kind, proactive and thoughtful...Dr. Zachary has a wonderful team of people..That tells you something...It's a top down thing...

Dr. Zachary is also so well informed...


She's helpful, kind, proactive, thoughtful and she has a great sense of how to deliver complex information in a way that makes it understandable

I refer pretty much everyone I know to Dr. Zachary, even people from across the country."

—Julee W.

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